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Too often, basements are written off as unusable living spaces. People think of them as too dark or uninviting to be useful and tend to focus on other areas of their homes instead. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. With the appropriate design elements and lighting, your basement can be transformed into a beautiful space and add valuable square footage to your home. Service Master Restore is here to make that transformation happen. We’ve helped numerous clients create finished basements throughout Eastern Ontario, including Smith Falls, Perth, Carleton Place, Renfrew, Brockville, and Ottawa. No matter how you want to use this extra space, our team is here to make it a reality. Call us today to start discussing your project.

Transform Your Basement into Something Great

The possibilities of what you can do with your basement are truly endless. Your only limit is your imagination. With the help of our team, you can design, decorate, and use the space just how you want. Let us help you create a unique space for your family to enjoy, instead of letting this valuable square footage go unused. Together, we can assess the space you have to work with, listen to your vision of what you want the area to be, and determine how we can bring that to life. The best way to start planning for your basement renovation is to gather inspiration from online sources or magazines. Then, bring all of that to us, and we’ll help you get the process started. You can transform your basement into any of the following and more:

Guest Suite

Create a cozy and inviting guest suite complete with a bedroom and bathroom. Your visitors will love having a private space to themselves while they stay with you, so they don’t feel like their intruding on your everyday living areas upstairs.

Home Office

Whether you work from home or run your own business, it’s essential to have a space dedicated exclusively to your work. You can use your basement to create a private home office space away from the distractions of the main floor.

Entertainment Room

With the help of our team, you can create a home entertainment space that’s almost as good as going to the movies. Complete the area with comfy couches, plush carpets, and surround sound, and you have the perfect place for a movie or gaming night.

Fitness Area

Say so long to expensive gym memberships. A basement provides the perfect space fora home gym complete with weight racks, a treadmill, or a stationary bike. It can also give you the additional space to create an at-home yoga, Pilates, or barre studio. There’s room to create a space to support your fitness, no matter how you get your sweat on.

Contact Us Today to Finish Renovations

If you’re ready to create a usable basement space, now is the time to contact the team at Service Master Restore. We are here to make your basement vision a reality by completing all the work necessary to finish your basement. No matter how you plan to use your basement, our team will be able to develop a plan to make it happen. Reach out to us today to start planning your project.

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